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TOEFL reading task

TOEFL Reading task: Summary Question

The TOEFL Reading task is one of the most challenging of the TOEFL ibt.  It’s at the end of the reading passage questions, and it’s worth more points.  Watch this video lesson to learn how to answer the summary question and get more TOEFL reading tips.

And guess what?  You don’t even have to LOOK at the TOEFL reading passage.

Here’s a quick review of the TOEFL ibt reading task summary question with TOEFL reading tips.

SUMMARY (taken from the English Simple online TOEFL program):

Summary questions always come at the end of the question set and are worth 2 points. These ask you to summarize the main points of the passage by choosing 3 answer choices from a number of options. Some choices have too specific of information, and some don’t relate to the passage.

And…how exactly to we “simplify” this type of TOEFL reading question?

Learn all about how to answer the TOEFL summary and get your best TOEFL reading score with help from these TOEFL reading tips.


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