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About English Simple

Adam-Edgar-English-Simple-285x300English Simple is a web-based, multimedia test preparation service for the TOEFL iBT exam. Created with the idea of “simplifying” the TOEFL exam, English Simple continues to develop and innovate in its primary goal of helping students pass the TOEFL. Through simple strategies, video, and practice tests, English Simple gives students real help to raise their TOEFL score.We hope that you find it useful in helping you achieve your goals and pursue your dreams.
About the Founder

English Simple is based in Los Angeles, California, and was founded by Adam Edgar.  Adam holds a degree in International Relations and has worked in English education and consulting in Europe, Japan, and Russia. He has taught English and TOEFL preparation worldwide, including a position in Hokkaido, Japan with the JET program, the Beverly Hills School District in California, and years as an educational consultant and private instructor. Adam’s passion for teaching language is coupled with his love for learning. He speaks French, Spanish, Japanese, and Russian.
Adam has been an English and TOEFL instructor for 10 years and is dedicated to seeing his students succeed in their goals.