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  • Total strategy guide for all four sections, based on how the TOEFL is DESIGNED - to get the most points possible on each task.
  • Full TOEFL practice tests with explanations and walkthroughs.
  • TOEFL score + feedback from our expert instructors with customized exercises to raise your score.

English Simple helps you "hack" the TOEFL...

TOEFL Strategy

We teach you how to break down the TOEFL exam, and give you strategies to get the most points out of each section of the TOEFL.  We combine this with real TOEFL practice and walkthroughs PLUS full support, feedback, and scoring from our expert TOEFL team.

What you get:

  • 40 + TOEFL Strategy Video Lessons
  • Full TOEFL Vocabulary Course - Strategy, key word lists, and flashcards to increase your TOEFL vocabulary by 100s of words, quickly.
  • 6 Full TOEFL Writing tests (6 Integrated tasks + 6 Independent tasks)
  • 3 Full Listening practice tests
  • 3 full TOEFL Reading practice tests
  • Full TOEFL Speaking test - Including over 80 Independent Speaking Task Practice Questions
  • TOEFL Speaking Scripts (All 6 Speaking Questions) that our students used to get a 26+ on the Speaking section.
  • TOEFL Writing Templates (Integrated + Independent) that get an average 28 points on TOEFL Writing section
  • Customized TOEFL Score Report + Detailed Feedback and exercises from our expert TOEFL team.  Know exactly how you will score, and why, on the TOEFL Speaking and Writing sections. 
  • Total support from the English Simple TOEFL team.  Have a question?  Need help with a specific task?  We're there to help you.  Contact us through email, phone, or even Skype.  We are dedicated to helping you get your TOEFL score, UNTIL you get your TOEFL score.  Simple.

English Simple Testimonial

"it helped me mentally prepare for the TOEFL..."

"It gives a really good, and very simple technique for the TOEFL. Not only in helping to study for it and prepare for the strategy of the test, also it helped me mentally prepare for the TOEFL. And Adam actually created a whole new lesson and video to help me with my specific problem in the reading section. Thank you English Simple for the TOEFL score"

- Julia Meyer 

Custom scoring + feedback from our expert TOEFL instructors: 

"It was very helpful to know my score on TOEFL Speaking tasks before.  Also mistakes I made and exercises for me to get the better TOEFL Speaking helped."  - Ahmed Koheil

Get a full Speaking and Writing report with both ETS styled TOEFL scoring, as well as detailed feedback from our expert TOEFL team - and exercises for you specifically to improve your score.

Smart TOEFL Strategy to master the TOEFL format, and get the most points on each section.

We both have the same goal: get you the best TOEFL score possible. To make this happen, we use simple but powerful strategy videos to explain the structure of the TOEFL, and how to "hack" it to get the most points possible.

  • More of the powerful tools and strategies you've seen on our YouTube channel.
  • A new way to prepare for the TOEFL, and give you the confidence you need to get the score you need on your test day. 

Full TOEFL practice tests, to master strategy and gain confidence for your test day.  

"So simple and clear it's mind blowing."  - Vika Ershov

Complete Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing practice tests based on actual TOEFL ibt questions, with more tests added weekly.  We design our practice questions to match the format and difficulty level of the real TOEFL ibt so you know what to expect on your official TOEFL exam.

Access to our expert team for TOEFL Support

Our instructors have over 20 years combined TOEFL and English teaching experience. As a member of English Simple TOEFL, we are dedicated to helping you get your score, and answer any questions you have.  

  • Contact us via phone, email or Skype "Office Hours" to get the help you need.*

*Skype "Office Hours" are available multiple times a week, and emails are replied to within 24 hours or less.

We could tell you about the program all day...

But we think our students say it best:

"Your lessons are amazing! I followed your tips while studying for my TOEFL exam, and I can say that they are way better than the official TOEFL IBT textbook. With your tips and same time spent on really trying to understand the exam structure I got a score of 109 on my exam last week! So I would definitely recommend everyone."

- Marta Pereria 

We think we've created the ultimate TOEFL study program, but if you try it and don't agree, just let us know within 7 days and we'll refund you purchase.

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  • Complete TOEFL strategy course to "hack" the TOEFL.
  • Real TOEFL-based practice + in-depth scoring and feedback.
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You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't think English Simple will help you get your TOEFL score, just let us know within 7 days of purchase and we'll send you a full refund.  Simple!


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