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One Simple Trick for complete confidence on the TOEFL

Here at English Simple, we have worked with literally thousands of students preparing to take the TOEFL.  They all needed different scores, came from different countries, and had different experience levels with the TOEFL.  They also all had one thing in common.  They were worried about success.  They were worried about TOEFL Confidence. Being worried about success on the TOEFL makes the test more stressful and more difficult.  Because of this common problem, we include a number of stress relief and relaxation techniques in our coaching to help students get past this test and get the TOEFL score they need, and to boost your confidence.

A Great Tool for TOEFL Confidence

As lead instructor, I want to share a recent TED talk video that gave me a lot of ideas to help my students overcome the stress, nerves, and worrying that comes with the TOEFL test.

Watch the video, study the English Simple TOEFL strategies and tools, and breathe.  Because you, too, can pass the TOEFL!  Power Pose! (and don’t miss out on the full TOEFL program – the best thing for confidence…is preparation!)



About the Author

Adam is the founder and lead instructor for the English Simple TOEFL program. He's taught English and TOEFL for over ten years, and developed curriculum all over the world. TOEFL is his business, but helping people is his passion. His "office" is always open, so feel free to drop him an email with any questions, complaints, compliments, or funny jokes. He speaks French, Spanish, Japanese, and Russian. But you gotta write him in English - you're prepping for the TOEFL!