How much does the TOEFL cost?


Paying the TOEFL cost

How much does the TOEFL cost?

The simple answer to how much does the TOEFL cost, is “too much”.  Most people who are required to submit a TOEFL score, whether it’s for school admissions, licensing, or visa applications, have already paid a lot of money.  Currently the average cost of registering for one TOEFL exam in the United States is $195 USD.  This rate changes by country, and the company that gives the exam increases the rate occasionally.

The TOEFL cost can be very frustrating for test takers.  We have had students join our program after taking the test five, six, or seven times!  It is the main reason the English Simple TOEFL program is priced much lower than other TOEFL study programs – the test is already expensive enough.

We’ve collected the most up-to-date information from the TOEFL iBT official website and included it below to help explain the TOEFL payment process.

TOEFL iBT Test Fees

 Below you will find a detailed breakdown of various TOEFL fees.  These fees are subject to change, so be sure to double check.  Because the TOEFL registration fee varies by country and test location, you can click the link provided to access the official TOEFL registration fee for your test location.
Item Fees
Registration Fees vary by country.
Late registration US$40
Rescheduling US$60
Reinstatement of canceled scores US$20
Additional score reports (per institution or agency) US$20 each
Speaking or Writing Section score review US$80
Speaking and Writing Section score review US$160

Payment Details

In order to confirm registration for your TOEFL, you must:

  • make sure all fees are paid in full
  • pay the correct amount
  • have all required signature(s)

Basically, if you haven’t paid the complete registration fee before the exam you can’t take the exam.  If there are any other TOEFL cost payments required they can hold your test results – so be sure to pay in full!


How can you pay for the TOEFL?

Because the TOEFL iBT is given all over the world, they understand that there are many different ways people are able to pay for the exam.  The following are five ways you can pay for your registration and any other fees.

  1. Credit/debit card — American Express®, Discover®, JCB®, MasterCard® or VISA®. Note: American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard and e-checks are not accepted for the following locations: Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Togo. Only VISA cards are accepted for those locations.Note: If you are paying with a credit or debit card, the system will allow you to pay in specific local currencies. The system will adapt to show you the local currencies and the types of card payments that are accepted.
  2. Electronic check (e-check) — must be from a bank in the United States or its territories, in U.S. dollars only ($USD). You can use E-checks to register online or by phone.
  3. PayPal® account — payment can be made via PayPal.
  4. Paper check or money order — must be in U.S. dollars and made payable to ETS-TOEFL.
  5. Western Union Quick Pay℠ — this option is only for registration by mail. When filling out the form, under “Pay To:” Company Name: Educational Testing Service; City Code: TOEFLPROGRAMNJ; Country: U.S.A. You must send the original receipt marked “Agency’s Copy” with your form. Copies, facsimiles or receipts marked “Customer’s Copy” will not be accepted.

Forms of Payment Not Accepted for the TOEFL cost

  • cash or demand drafts
  • post-dated checks
  • any currency other than U.S. dollars
  • receipts for bank checks
  • UNESCO coupons

How to pay by Electronic Check (e-check)

Provide this information from the bottom of your paper check:

  • bank account number
  • ABA/bank routing and transit number


  • Your bank account may be debited the same day we receive your request.
  • You will not receive a canceled check.
  • When paying with an e-check, you authorize ETS to make a one-time deduction from your checking or savings account.

Instructions/details for Paying by Paper Check or Money Order

The following information must be preprinted on the check:

  • bank name
  • bank address
  • check or money order number
  • payer’s name and address
  • signature
    • Typewritten payer name and address, in place of signature, is not acceptable.


  • Post-dated checks are not accepted.
  • Check dates cannot be more than 90 days old when received by ETS.


A couple of important things about TOEFL cost refunds.  If you are taking the test in Korea there is a specific refund policy (specific refund policy for test takers in Korea).  Also, in all situations they only refund half the amount of your registration!

If you can’t take the TOEFL or want to cancel you need to do so by the deadline (4 days before your test date). For example, if your test is on Saturday, you must cancel by or before Tuesday of that week.  Refunds are in U.S. dollars for half of the original test fee paid. The reason they give for keeping half of your money is that they have to use resources to process your application and hold your seat reservation at a testing location.

Important notes on TOEFL registration refunds:

  • They won’t do refunds in cash.
  • If you don’t follow their registration procedures, or if you don’t have valid ID or break a rule at the testing location – they won’t give you a refund.
  • If you paid by check, it can take up to 8 weeks to get a refund, and if you paid in non-U.S. funds from a foreign bank it can take us to 12 weeks for your refund.
  • Refunds aren’t allowed for other services.

Fee Reduction Service (Registration Discount)

There is a program that gives specific test takers a discount on their TOEFL registration fee.  The TOEFL Fee Reduction Service is for “high school seniors in the United States with financial need who are applying to colleges and universities where TOEFL scores are recommended or required.”

How much does the TOEFL cost for high school students in need?  This fee reduction is half the cost of the TOEFL iBT registration fee. You can review all of the fee reduction guidelines (PDF) and the fee reduction voucher request form (PDF) for more information.

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